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Coated Paper Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter | Trader in India: Coated paper refers to a type of paper that has been treated with a surface layer or coating, typically composed of materials like clay, calcium carbonate, or other chemical compounds. The coating is applied to enhance the paper’s properties, resulting in a smoother, glossier surface and improved print quality. The coated paper offers several benefits, including enhanced print quality, improved colour reproduction, crisper images and graphics, and reduced show-through. If you’re in the paper industry and are in search of a supply of uncoated paper get in touch with RP Papers, the top coated paper manufacturer and supplier in India.

These advantages make it a preferred choice for applications in the printing, publishing, advertising, and packaging industries. Coated paper is a valuable resource in the world of printing and design, offering a polished and attractive finish that elevates the quality of printed materials. So, RP Paper Impex is here as the best quality coated paper manufacturer and supplier in India offering its high-quality products at an affordable price and having a strong presence in the industry and are known for their commitment to sustainability.

Most Common Uses of Coated Paper

Its smoothness, vibrant colours, and ability to showcase fine details make it an ideal choice for various printed materials, elevating their visual appeal and professionalism. The coated paper finds a wide range of uses across various industries due to its enhanced print quality and attractive appearance making us the best Coated Paper Distributor and Exporter in India. Some of the common applications of coated paper include:

  • Brochures and Flyers: This paper is a popular choice for creating brochures and flyers, as it can effectively display graphics and promotional content, making them more visually appealing and professional.
  • Posters and Banners: These are commonly used for printing posters and banners, especially when high-quality graphics and images are required for promotional purposes.
  • Advertising Materials: Whether it’s for direct mailers, promotional cards, or advertising leaflets, coated paper helps ensure that the marketing materials have an impressive visual impact on the recipients.
  • Calendars: This paper is frequently used for producing calendars, as it allows for the faithful reproduction of images and vibrant colours.
  • Art Books and Coffee Table Books: When producing high-quality art books or coffee table books that showcase illustrations or photographs, coated paper is often the preferred choice due to its ability to display images with clarity and detail.
  • Corporate Reports and Presentations: It can be used for creating corporate reports and presentations, where a professional and polished look is desired.
  • Menus and Invitations: In the hospitality industry, coated paper is commonly used for printing menus and invitations for special events, as it adds an element of sophistication to the overall design.

Qualities of Coated Paper Offered  by Best Coated Paper Trader and Exporter from India

Its versatility and ability to enhance visual content make it a popular choice for projects that demand high print standards and eye-catching results. Coated paper possesses several qualities that make it a preferred choice for various printing and publishing applications. Some of the key qualities of coated paper are mentioned below making us the top Distributor and Trader of uncoated paper in India:

  • Brightness and Whiteness: Coated paper is often manufactured to be bright and white, which further enhances the colours of printed images and text. This brightness contributes to a visually appealing and professional appearance.
  • Improved Color Reproduction: The coating on the paper’s surface keeps the ink from being absorbed too quickly, which helps maintain the purity and intensity of colours. This results in accurate and vivid colour reproduction.
  • Reduced Show-Through: Coated paper’s ability to minimize ink penetration ensures that printed materials have minimal show-through, making them suitable for double-sided printing without compromising readability.
  • Fast Drying Time: Coated paper allows ink to dry quickly on its surface, reducing the risk of smudging or offsetting during printing and handling.
  • Versatility: Coated paper comes in different finishes, including gloss, satin, and matte. This versatility allows it to be used for a wide range of applications, catering to various visual and tactile preferences.
  • Resistance to Wear and Tear: The coating adds a protective layer to the paper, making it more resistant to wear and tear compared to uncoated paper.
  • Professional Appearance: Coated paper’s high-quality finish and ability to showcase images and graphics effectively give printed materials a polished and professional look
  • Suitable for Various Printing Methods: Coated paper is compatible with various printing techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, and silk-screening.

Countries Where We Export Coated Paper

Middle East Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman Muscat, Yemen
Asia Turkey, Mersin, Istanbul, Georgia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Nepal, Vietnam

Different Types Of Coated Paper 

Each type of coated paper has its strengths and is suitable for different projects, depending on the desired finish, print requirements, and budget constraints. When choosing coated paper, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of the printing project to ensure the best possible results. Here is a brief introduction of the types of this paper of top quality making us the well-known Manufacturer and Exporter of Coated Paper in India:

Coated One Side (C1S) Paper

Coated one-side paper has a coating applied to only one side, leaving the reverse side uncoated. This type of coated paper is often used for products like Label Printing, Gumming, Posters, brochures, Promotional Items, and Stationery.

Premium grade C1S Chromo Paper

GSM 50 – 90
Ideal For  High End Colour Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo Printing
Sheets (Industry Sizes) 23 x 36 (58.5 x 91 cm), 25 x 36 (63.5 x 91 cm), 24 x 34 (61 x 86 cm), 70 x 100 cm (ALSO AVAILABLE IN CUSTOMISED SIZES AS PER ORDER)
Reels Customised
Packaging Standard Export Packaging

Coated Two Sides (C2S) Paper

Coated two sides paper has a coating applied to both sides of the paper, offering a uniform appearance and print quality on both sides. C2S paper is widely used for applications like Stationery, Diaries, Annual Reports, High-End Books, Brochures, Promotional Items, and Promotional Items.

Premium grade C2S Art Paper

GSM 80 – 350
Finish Gloss / Matt
Ideal For High-End Colour Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo Printing
Sheets (Industry Sizes) 23 x 36 (58.5 x 91 cm), 25 x 36 (63.5 x 91 cm), 24 x 34 (61 x 86 cm), 70 x 100 cm (ALSO AVAILABLE IN CUSTOMISED SIZES AS PER ORDER)
Reels Customised
Packaging Standard Export Packaging

Label Grade Paper

Label grade paper, also known as label stock or label paper, refers to a type of paper specifically designed and optimized for label printing applications. Labels are adhesive-backed materials used for identification, branding, product information, and various other purposes. It is widely used for the applications like Gumming Stock, Label Printing.

Label Grade Paper for manufacturing Adhesive Product Labels

GSM 60 – 80
Finish  Gloss / Matt, Mirror Coat Arcadia
Ideal For High End Colour Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo Printing
Sheets (Industry Sizes)  23 x 36 (58.5 x 91 cm), 25 x 36 (63.5 x 91 cm), 24 x 34 (61 x 86 cm), 70 x 100 cm (ALSO AVAILABLE IN CUSTOMISED SIZES AS PER ORDER)
Reels Customised
Packaging Standard Export Packaging

Associate with the ISO-Certified Manufacturer and Supplier of Coated Paper in India | RP Paper Impex 

RP Paper Impex stands out as a top-notch Coated Paper manufacturer and distributor in India. With over 25 years of experience in the paper industry, we have earned accreditation from esteemed organizations like ISO, FSC, PEFC, OHSAS, and Paper Recycling Certifications. Our expertise lies in producing coated paper, and we have established a robust partner and supply chain network to ensure our consistently deliver products and services that exceed market standards.

By collaborating with reputable Coated Paper Exporter and Supplier of India, RP Paper Impex maintains the quality of its raw materials and ensures excellence in its products. Their effective logistics and inventory management processes further contribute to their efficiency in meeting clients’ needs.

Experienced Staff

The experienced staff talks to clients, provide customized solutions, make sure the products are of good quality, and deliver them on time. These are all important things that help build strong relationships with customers.

Superior Coated Paper

RP Paper Impex, a prominent Trader and Exporter of Coated Paper in India, places utmost importance on product quality and employs multiple quality control tests throughout the production and packaging stages, the company delivers both finished paper products and raw materials, meeting various requirements.

Ethical Business Approach

The company follows a set of important principles, such as being honest, fair, and trustworthy. This approach helps them run the paper production process smoothly and responsibly.

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