Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons

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Wax Resin Bar Code Printer Ribbon Supplier
Wax Resin Customised Thermal Transfer Ribbons Manufacturer Supplier Dealer Exporter
Exposure To Full Wax Wax-Resin Full Resin
Light Handling / scratching / abrasion
Moderate Temperature Changes
Medical applications/machines
Heavy handling / scratching / abrasion
Extreme temperature changes
UV exposure

We supply Thermal Transfer Label Rolls, Direct Thermal Label Rolls, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Printed 8 Colour Labels, A4 Sticker Labels, Continuous Fanfold Stationery Stickers.

Wax Ribbon – Most cost effective version of ribbon. Suggested for printing shipping and packaging labels, retail tags and retail labels. A wax ribbon print will last significantly longer than a direct thermal print.
Recommended to be used with paper labels. Most ribbon will print in black. However, if a need for a specific color print arises, choose a color ribbon.

Wax/Resin Ribbon – A mixture/hybrid of wax/resin in a ribbon offers exceptional print quality and scratch resistance/smudge proof. Suggested uses are for asset tracking in rough our outdoor locations, warehouse signage and medical device tracing.
Recommended to be used on a wide range of paper and mid-range synthetic label stocks.

Resin Ribbon – This type of ribbon is the most durable longest lasting choice. Typically this choice is used to asset track products that are exposed to many different environments.
Resin prints are able to withstand water, chemicals, abrasions, oil and greases. Suggested to be used with durable synthetic labels.

Colours: Black (most prominent), Red, Blue, Green


  • 60 mm x 300 meters
  • 70 mm x 300 meters
  • 80 mm x 300 meters
  • 105 mm x 300 meters
  • 110 mm x 300 meters