Continuous Computer Stationery:

also known as Z-fold paper ream, is a feed paper in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers. Continuous computer stationery is the most efficient form of paper for getting mass quantities of information on paper, which is difficult using standard paper.

With continuous computer paper, you can have non-stop printing with no breaks and when you are using green bar continuous computer paper, reading between the lines has never been easier.


University scoresheets, research facility or data entry company, Invoices Delivery Orders, Material Receipt Notes, Bills, Restaurant Bills, Account Opening Forms, Pay Slips, Letterheads, Pin Mailers, ATM Pin Mailers, Debit/ Credit Card Pin Mailers, Internet Passwords, Recharge Coupons, Pay Slips


Computer stationery is manufactured in:


06 x 10

06 x 12

08 x 12

10 x 12

12 x 12

15 x 12

These are general sizes, however, we manufacture computer paper as per our client’s requirements.