Litho Offset Paper: Application and Benefits

Maplitho Paper Offset Supplier India

Litho Offset Paper: Application and Benefits

18 July, 2020 RP Paper Impex
  1. What is Lithographic Offset Paper

Uncoated paper made from chemical and mechanical pulping, using a sulphate process to cook wood fibres to remove the lignin from the wood; lignin is wood’s natural binding agent is called Offset Paper. Uncoated paper, also called maplitho or litho paper can be of three types: virgin wood-pulp, agro-based and recycled.

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  1. Main Properties of Offset Paper

GSM (Grammage per square meter): GSM is the basic property for any paper and paper-based-products. GSM is the weight of a unit of area. It is generally measured on a per square meter basis but can be measure on pounds per square foot basis. GSM consistency is very important to maintain the quality of printing.

Bulk: Bulk is the volume or thickness of the paper with respect to the weight of the paper. High bulk paper means that the paper has not been put under calendar cylinder. More bulky paper often has less glaze and more ink absorption capacity. A decrease in bulk, or increase in density means that paper becomes more opaque, smoother and glossier.

Brightness: Brightness is defined as the percentage of light that gets reflected. It shows the amount of blue light that gets reflected off the paper. Higher the brightness of the paper, better is the sharpness of print.

Wax Pick: Wax pick test is used to test surface strength, or to measure how well the fibres are attached to the surface.

Caliper: Caliper is the thickness of the paper sheet and is measured in micros. Uniformity in the thickness of the paper is very important in printing jobs. The number of press sections, number of calendar loads can change the caliper of the paper. 

  1. Forms of Offset Paper

RP Paper Impex Pvt. Ltd. supplies and exports offset paper in jumbo paper rolls, bundles, reams of 500 sheets and bulk packaging with pallets and without pallets. 

  1. Packaging of Offset Paper Maplitho Jumbo Paper Rolls

Jumbo paper rolls must be packed properly with PE coated kraft paper or plastic sheets to protect from any damage. RP Paper Impex Pvt. Ltd. holds expertise in providing international standard shipping of jumbo paper offset litho paper rolls for web-fed offset printing press.

Sheet-fed printers require offset paper in the form of sheets. 500 sheets are packed as one ream or one packet and are loaded on pallets with edge and side protection.

Bulk packaging offset paper sheets are riskier to transport and more prone to damage, however, are cheaper and don not require unpacking to be used as the pallet can be directly loaded on the machine.

  1. Users and Application of Offset Maplitho Paper

Offset uncoated paper is used by publishers, book printers, continuous stationery manufacturers, exercise book manufacturers, diary supplier, printing press, business forms, paper converters, paper roll suppliers, brochure paper, promotional items, pamphlet paper, flyer paper supplier.