Expanding market for POS Thermal Paper Receipt Rolls

Billing Paper Customised Till POS Thermal Rolls

Expanding market for POS Thermal Paper Receipt Rolls

17 July, 2020 RP Paper Impex
  1. Importance of POS Receipts
    POS Receipts or Point of Sale are a proof of transaction given by the supplier to the consumer. POS printers and paper rolls are used for restaurant billing, supermarkets, taxi/ cabs, malls, parking tickets, eateries, credit card machines, swipe machines etc. Governments all around the world have made it compulsory for sellers to issue bills using POS Paper to consumers. 

  2. Buying POS Paper Roll 
    Suppliers need to select the right quality and size of the POS paper for the printer. Thermal Paper Rolls must only be bought from experienced and excellent manufacturers of POS rolls. Dot Matrix Plain White Paper Roll was conventionally used in impact printers for billing purposes. More recently, thermal paper rolls have gained popularity because they are easy to use in Bluetooth printer, handheld printer and portable printer.

    Thermal Paper works on the heat transfer mechanism. Thermal Paper Roll is heat-sensitive paper and self ink paper and is exposed to heat by thermal paper printers for printing purpose.

    The main advantage of Thermal Paper Roll is that the user is not needed or required to put ink in the printer. 

  3. Paper Impression
    Thermal paper is self ink paper and when exposed to heat, the already injected ink gets reflected on the paper. Black and blue impressions are the only colours the thermal paper can give.

  4. Custom Sizes
    Consumers must choose customised thermal paper rolls as cash register paper rolls for it to run smooth and jam-free in the printer. Usual width and diameter are 80 x 80, 3 ½ 230 feet, 2 ¼ x 90 feet, 2 5/16 x 210, 2 9/32 x 400. 
    Credit card machines, swipe machines use smaller paper rolls, generally 2 inches in width. 

    RP Paper Impex is a manufacturer exporter of thermal paper POS rolls in India which has experience of over 20 years and provides customised pos rolls to customers all around the world. 
    Thermal Paper Roll must give high brightness and sharp printing.

  5. Printed Thermal POS Paper Rolls
    Paper Rolls can also be used for advertising. POS Rolls Supplier can be pre printed with logo, brands message, promotional code, trademark, coupon code, tickets, lottery tickets, terms and conditions by restaurants, kiosks, hotels, motels, supermarkets, parking tickets.

    RP PAPER IMPEX is a manufacturer exporter of customised pre printed POS rolls which advertisers and owners can use for advertising their brands at a very reasonable price. We also provide OEM manufacturing for traders and POS system suppliers. 

  6. POS Paper Roll Length
    Paper Rolls, thermal and dot matrix are manufactured and supplied in custom lengths. Length of the roll depends on the size of the thermal printer or dot matrix printer. 
    Supermarkets, restaurants, food chains, kiosks, hotels, motels have big and stationery printers and hence, the length of the roll is also greater. 
    General Paper Roll size for 230 feet, 250 feet, 50 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters, 120 meters. 
    Swipe machines, Bluetooth printers, credit card machines, handheld machines are generally smaller in size hence the length of paper roll is smaller: 15 meters, 20 meters.

    You must buy excellent quantity paper rolls to protect the printer header of your machines.